Tuesday, July 19, 2011

P.E., con't

Chipping away at those p.e. classes I have to take (just to refresh your memory, I have to take 34 hours of p.e. classes in 8 weeks.) The week I had to take four p.e. classes a day for four days in a row was great. At the end of the week, I felt like I was in the best shape of my life.

Now, however, because of a NEW JOB I just happened to get, I am down to only one P.E. class a day, and in an ironic twist, the class offered at that time slot is Abs/Low Body. Ironic because I've always paid much more attention to my upper body. I blithely train my chest, back, shoulders, and arms, and let whatever cardio I'm doing (running, cycling) take care of my legs.

Now, four days a week, I go in for a punishing class filled with lunges, squats, lunges, squats, and more lunges and squats (not to mention lunges and squats).

The sad thing is that my my awesome new job is an office job, so the rest of the day after p.e., I'm sitting. This is stressing me out because I know that sitting = dying. I feel like I'm deconditioning a little bit every single day. And who knows what will happen to my fitness when I finish up my p.e. requirements and go to a 40-hour sitting week.

The job is all about talking to people about their own wellness challenges--among the greatest of which is getting enough exercise when you work full time! Luckily, I will have plenty of empathy for their situation...

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Anonymous said...

Being the creative person that I know you to be, you will not only be giving great advice to others, but living that advice for yourself...or is it living for yourself first, then giving it to others?
You know what I mean ~ Brenda