Monday, March 21, 2011

Circuit of Doom

I've been perfecting a nice little circuit workout.

Circuit workouts differ from a traditional weight workout in that you quickly move from exercise to exercise without rest. They are reputed to give you a decent cardio workout along with your resistance workout.

For a long time, I was against circuit workouts. This is because I used to be a member of a national chain of gyms for women that specialized in circuit workouts. These workouts did NOTHING for me. No weight loss, no strength gains.

But lately, I have come to see the beauty of a circuit--and that is that you can push yourself hard on one exercise, then move to the next one without getting bored. They offer a varied workout that goes pretty quickly (because you aren't resting). And while I still like an extended bout of moderate intensity running for my cardio, a good circuit workout can certainly make you work up a sweat.

So here's the circuit I've been perfecting. It's challenging! Do it at least twice through. Each exercise should be done for one minute. The weights are for a moderately experienced lifter. Adjust up or down to suit your needs.

Back Lunge with Lateral Raise -- 2.5 lb. weight plates
Incline Barbell Bench Press -- 20 lb. barbell
Heavy Step-Ups -- 15 lb. dumbbell in each hand
Barbell Bent Over Row -- 20 lb. barbell


Back Lunge with Curl -- 7.5 lbs.
Clean and Press (or Shoulder Press) -- 20 lb. barbell
Stability Ball Squat
Triceps Extension with Weight Plate -- 5 lb. weight plate
Stability Ball Crunch
Stability Ball Oblique Crunch


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Tracey said...

Hey! I recognize this workout! ;)