Friday, November 19, 2010

My Neck Hurts

Being a trainer means living with the knowledge that someday, somehow I could unintentionally cause injury to a client. Maybe by prescribing exercise that is too difficult for them or by using a weight that is too heavy. Maybe by being inattentive during a session. This is a fact about my career that makes me more than a little bit anxious.

But I never thought that the first person who got hurt during my training career would be me.

This morning I was training a client. I was congratulating myself because I was being particularly eagle-eyed in regards to making sure she was doing everything with proper form. "Let's do some medicine ball chest passes," I suggested.

"Squeeze the ball between the heels of your hands and really propel it out from your chest. Contract your pectorals while you do it. I really want you to throw it hard," I told her, lobbing the medicine ball to her.

"I don't want to hit you in the face," she said.

I assured her she wouldn't. "I'm a good catcher," I told her.

Not two minutes later, what should I feel but the medicine ball slapping me across the face. My neck snapped backward and my head banged against the glass wall that overlooks the swimming pool.

"Well, now we know that that is safety glass," I told my client, shaking it off with a smile. "Hey, let's throw that against this concrete pillar." I told her. I knew that she would be gun-shy if she kept throwing it to me and wouldn't throw it as hard as she needed to.

My neck felt kind of tweaked out for awhile afterward, but, contrary to that headline up there, it feels just fine now. If someone had to get hurt in a session, I'm glad it was me.

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