Friday, October 15, 2010

Stuff I'm Doing at my Internship

To get my degree, I have to spend 240 hours actually working in my field. Which is pretty great, except for the fact that in these hard, cold millennial times, internships are generally unpaid.

That's okay, because I have a dandy one at a local "athletic club" that is way fancy. This place is so fancy you can't be on the main floor in athletic gear even though it's an athletic club! This place is so fancy I had to get a drug test for an unpaid internship!

But it's worth it because I've gotten to do a lot of amazing things.

* I've done fitness assessments on myself and others using the Club's extremely awesome fitness assessment software and equipment.
* I've shadowed some amazing personal trainers and watched them interact with their clients as they prescribe exercise.
* I've sat in on the Cardiac Rehab program and learned a lot about heart rates and blood pressure during exercise after a cardiac event.
* I've written an article for the Club's monthly glossy magazine on cholesterol (no small thing, considering the membership of the club is larger than the circulation of some magazines I've written for).
* I've Bod Podded myself (body fat = 20.8 percent)
* I've sat in on and helped out at educational sessions for the Club's annual 10-week weight-loss program.

What's more, my duties also include familiarizing myself with the fitness classes and equipment that the club offers. You know what that means, don't you? Yep, exercising while on the clock. So far I love the Max Force class (not least because Max Force sounds like what Homer Simpson changed his name to that one time). Max Force is a lot like the class where I first fell in love with fitness. It features weight training set to music. But unlike Group Power, Max Force includes doing lots of the lifting with one or two feet on a Bosu, which is challenging to say the least. The Club also has Woodway treadmills, the comfiest you can get outside of running barefoot through a grassy meadow.


Amber said...

You can't wear athletic gear on the main floor? What do you do when you're working (and presumably wearing athletic gear)? Do you have to change... or just avoid the main floor? What a bizarre rule for an ATHLETIC CLUB.

Miriam said...

Well, the gyms are in the basement (and the subbasement, and the underground mezzanine--it's like a warren down there). And, truth be told, you can wear full warm-up suits or tailored shorts on themain floor, just not stuff you'd actually work out in. It's not an issue for me anyway, since I can't use the members' entrance, I'm never on the first floor anyway.