Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Perfect Day

When I first went back to school, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to major in. And I realized that, really, all I wanted to do was work out and talk about my workout. And my friends were getting pretty tired of that. I needed a wider community to pursue those activities in.

Well, yesterday was the fruition of those longings--a day that was entirely devoted to physical activity. Not in a way that was escaping my responsibilities, but actually fulfilling them.

My first class was the lab for Exercise Testing. We were working on predicting VO2 max through submaximal exercise testing on a stationary bike that measured workload (cycle ergometer). Hilariously, everyone in my lab was an athlete (apparently, including me), so, except for one guy, we were unable to get our heart rates high enough (even on a pretty high workload) to use our numbers to predict VO2 max. Still, it was great practice on taking each other's heart rate while performing exercise. (Trickier than it sounds, since the metronome setting the cyclist's pace was very distracting while I was counting the cyclist's pulse beats.)

My afternoon lab for Exercise Prescription was the most fun of all: We broke into small groups to practice our spotting technique and critique each other's bench press, bent over row, and dumbbell shoulder press. Our instructor would wander by every so often and show us a simple fix or technique that would blow our minds. We all ended up clamoring to try doing lat pulldowns while sitting on a stability ball--with our feet off the ground. Talk about recruiting your core muscles for stability.

After that, I went to a staff meeting at the Rec Center. A scavenger hunt was involved so we ended up running around the three-story facility like monkeys.

The day ended with me taking Sage to family evening at the Rec Center. We swam for awhile, then dried off and climbed on the climbing wall. I just bouldered because I've never climbed before. A super-nice Climbing Center staffer top-roped Sage for as many climbs as she wanted. Later, she declared that he might be her third or fourth favorite grown up man ever.

A nice dinner at Dalo's Kitchen and we headed home--and immediately threw ourselves into bed, satisfied but totally worn out.

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Amber said...

So glad to hear the climbing wall was to Sage's liking after all her hemming-and-hawwing. :)