Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Wish I Had Written This While Standing Up

Okay, even though the person most recently famous for working at a stand-up desk is a tool, I really, really want one.

They are supposed to be good for productivity and for back pain (although I don't have back pain, I do have productivity problems). Plus, of course, standing instead of sitting burns extra calories. I've been thinking about one for awhile, and then I read that, basically, sitting kills you.

Plus, it's such a drag to keep getting up when I have to repeatedly go to the kitchen for late-night snacks while studying at the computer. If I were already standing, it would save so much time.

Unfortunately, the good stand-up desks (made of wood, with drawers) are pretty expensive. I'm thinking of just getting four milk crates, flipping them over, and putting a leg of my desk on each one. I worry about stability, though, with that kind of set-up.

If you have any ideas for retrofitting my current desk for increased verticality, let me know.

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Amber said...

If you've got wall space and the desk could be semi-permanentish, then I could show you the desk we made in our basement (but give me a lot of warning so I can clean up down there). We wanted a desk that was the length of the whole wall and counter-height because we had a set of barstools from our last apartment that weren't being used... so for about $20-30 we made one. It could be any height you wanted but I'm not sure if that work for your set-up. ???