Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Am a Fitness Nerd

I recently realized that I am not an athlete, per se. Rather, I am a fitness nerd. And this makes sense. After all, I've been a nerd all my life. I've been a book nerd. I've been a journalism nerd. I've been a food nerd.

Here are some reasons I know that I am a fitness nerd: I originally came in here to sing the praises of running shorts. I had been doing my running in cotton knit sweat pants, but I recently found a pair of light polyester running shorts with a built in liner at Value Village. Yeah, previously I have gone on record saying that all you need to run is feet, but man I do love having the right gear for the sport. The running shorts make me feel 10 pounds lighter than the heavy sweat pants did.

Also nerdy: My obsession with quantifying. Last week I wore my pedometer to school every day. My lowest day was 12,000, my highest 20,000--I averaged about 15,000 steps each day.

More nerdliness: I love to talk to people at my job about their workouts. So far I have been pretty shy about it, but I'm getting a bit bolder. It's fun to see who comes in every day and what machines everyone gravitates to. Soon I'll do the ultimate nerdy thing and make a chart of what kind of exerciser is drawn to what kind of exercise.


Donna said...

I love nerds (and geeks). I already knew you were one and have a little, harmless nerd-crush on you. Hope that doesn't freak you out.

Miriam said...

I'm blushingly flattered, Donna.In a nerdy sort of way.

MamaShift said...

I was gonna say what Donna said: You've been a nerd since the day I met you -- and it's been fun to watch you go through all those phases you mentioned.