Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best Day Ever

Well, maybe not the very best day, ever. That might still have to be the day my daughter was born. But today was close.

I went to work this morning to help get the Campus Rec Center ready for its "soft opening." Here are the tasks I performed: I ran up and down stairs with weight plates and other fitness equipment. I unpacked and assembled a medical-office-style scale and calibrated it. I re-assembled a medicine ball rack someone had put together incorrectly. I tried to get the personal trainers to practice using their calipers by putting them on me to assess my body fat levels, but it was a no go--the only disappointing thing about the day.

But other than that was all very satisfying work that beat the heck out of editing copy.

When I came home, I emailed my Anatomy and Physiology professor to check the grade on my final. Are you sitting down? I managed to get an A on the final and an A overall in the course. I nearly wet myself with glee and surprise.

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Amber said...

Your definition of the "best day ever" is quite different from what mine would be, but that's okay. :) Certainly the A in the class you were stressing about all term would qualify... GREAT JOB!