Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No Fear, No Walking, No Regrets

As promised, I did run home from class today. 4.5 miles in 50 minutes from PSU to Mt. Tabor, in my new Vibram Five Fingers. For me, these shoes didn't really have a learning curve (aside from putting them on and getting my toes in the right pockets). Instead, I just ran, without having to think much about it.

Yeah, I could feel my calcaneus hitting the ground a little more than I wanted it to, and at one point, I trod on a big rock that killed my transverse arch (anatomy quiz tonight), but in the end I just loved the feeling of running in these. Despite the cold, rain, and wind, my run was exhilarating, my step in these shoes was actually springy.

I've recently noticed that my exercise passions are all pretty cultish. Unlike most normal folks, I don't love yoga or step aerobics. Instead, I am drawn to kettlebells. Barefoot running. Bodybuilding. The more extreme, the better.

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