Monday, June 8, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Finally navigated through registration and I am all signed up for classes next fall: Nutrition, Human Anatomy (ack! I hear this is ultra-difficult and involves a human cadaver), and Our Community, Our Health (this sounds like a Jr. High class, doesn't it?).

I have a hole in my schedule on Tuesday/Thursday mornings (when my class doesn't start until noon). Now, I can use this time to go to the gym, OR, I can actually take a one-credit class in weightlifting.

The downside to this is the added tuition and fee expense (about $150). And if I use up that time for this class, I won't be able to go the gym at all, pretty much, since my scheduled gym evening when I have childcare for Sage is going to be taken up by my Anatomy Lab. On the other hand, I could possibly put my gym membership on hold for a few months.

The upside is that I would get some personalized training (presumably, hopefully), which I have been jonesing for.

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Amber said...

What's cheaper (gym membership or class)? I'm all about saving money.