Sunday, May 10, 2009

False Alarm

Yeah, so even though on Friday, I was in a fair amount of pain from a pulled muscle in my lower back, by Saturday morning I felt just fine. And while rest is what is usually prescribed for muscle strains, my body does not respond well to taking it easy. Even when it's injured, it needs to move. I had a two-hour hole in my day, and the weather was absolutely perfect, so I decided to run down to the river and back.

All told, it was a 7 mile jog, my longest ever. I averaged about 5 miles per hour and I took a 20 minute break on the Eastbank Esplanade. I have to marvel yet again at how much I like to run. Even after I started to get fit a couple of years ago, running was NEVER going to be on the agenda. Until, suddenly, it was.

The other thing that is nice is that the changes I have made have given me a newfound confidence in my body's abilities. I used to fret before going on a bike ride that I would ride too far and I wouldn't be able to bike back home, or that there would be too many big hills that I wouldn't be able to bike up. Now I can do things like decide to run down to the river and not have negative messages like "I can't do that" floating through my brain. I don't always have confidence in other areas of my life, but confidence in my body's abilities is one of the best gifts I've ever given myself.


Amber said...

Every day I'm more and more impressed. Especially considering the fact that the run home must have been so much harder than the run there, with all the elevation and all. I bet it was beautiful down at the esplanade though. We tried to make it down there but couldn't fit it in.

herself said...

I love this sentiment! I totally psych myself out on many levels (see recent yogurt scenario), including the physical. I was so pleased when a fellow Poekoelaner asked me specifically to attack for his speed test. Turns out I can get thrown on the ground and still jump up really fast to get thrown on the ground again! Yay!

We must really foster the intellectual-jock-girl model so that it becomes normal for bookworm gals to also do pull ups and beat up little boys (in their martial arts class, of course.)