Sunday, April 19, 2009

Muscle for Hire

A friend texted today to ask if I could lend my strength to helping her pull up fence posts. She did the hard part, digging around the 18 inches or so of concrete they were sunk in. I got the easy job: Loosening the poles up by rocking them back and forth, then pulling them out of the ground.

But if I had been on the pill, my friend probably wouldn't have called on me to help her. Why? Well, a new study has found that women on the pill gain less muscle. And, at least in this study, the difference between the women on the pill and those who didn't take it (both groups did resistance training and ate a protein-intensive diet) was considerable--the non-pill users gained 60 percent more muscle.

More evidence that all this muscle business is so hormone based. Until they get all of it sorted out, if you're using the pill and trying to bodybuild, you'll definitely want to talk to your doc about quitting the artificial hormones and, instead, look into condoms.

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