Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Hiking Season!

Took a little hike today with Sage, my friend Coriander, and her two kids, D. and K. The hike came from a new book, Portland Companion Walks. Perhaps you've heard of it?

Anyway, the weather was beautiful, and the company was great. I love a walk that combines natural beauty (we walked through the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge) with city amenities (the kids got sno cones at the Oaks Park amusement park, and the grownups got Americanos at a little coffee shop we wandered past). While the Gorge and Mt. Hood are stunning, it's so nice to do a hike that you don't have to burn a half a tank of gas to get to.

At nearly four miles, it was pretty challenging for my knee, especially after I jogged a couple of miles to the bar last night, but luckily my Ace bandage was at the bottom of my backpack, so I just threw it on and things improved.

Best part: A trip to the Goodwill bins before we started the hike.

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