Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What the Heck Is She Doing in There for Two Hours?

Now I'm really committed.

To school, that is. I just registered for a full load of classes for next quarter, starting in April. Will this mean the end of my workouts? I don't think so, but carving out the time might get a little trickier.

Especially since my current workout is fairly time-intensive. Here's a description of my "Unemployment Is Bad, but at Least I Can Work Out for Two Hours at a Stretch" workout. (NB re. unemployment: I'm really glad I pay for my gym membership a year in advance. It would be so easy to decide to economize by cutting out that expense if I paid monthly.)

10-12 minutes on the treadmill--1.20 miles or so (this is about as much as running is pleasurable for me. After that, a death march).

Bench presses: set of 10 reps with just the 45-pound bar. Testing myself with 95 pounds for as many reps as I can do before I sense I'm not going to be able to get the last one up, usually 2. (I recently had a spotter and dang! that improved things considerably. But I'm pretty shy, so it's hard for me to approach the boys and get them to spot me). Reduce weight to 75 pounds and two sets of 8-9 reps.

Triceps Dips: Two sets of 5-6. I wish I could go lower, but I can only get to the point where my arms are at 120 degrees, as opposed to 90 degrees like you're supposed to.

Dumbbell chest presses: Two sets of 8-9 with 30 pound dumbbells, one set with 25 pound dumbbells.

Dumbbell Flyes: Three sets of 10 with 15 pound dumbbells on the incline bench.

Lat pull down: Three sets of 8-9 with 80 pounds.

Clean and presses: 5-6 with 60 pounds.

Bent-over rows: Three sets of 9-10 with 60 pounds. One set with wide grips. Sometimes I do these with dumbbells, rather than a barbell.

Hyperextensions (doesn't that sound like something dangerous? Especially when you actually see people doing it in the gym, you think, man, that's gotta compromise the back. I just last week got up the courage to add it to my routine. So far, so good.): Three sets of 10-12 holding a 10-pound weight plate.

Upright rows: Three sets of 10 with 50 pounds.

Triceps extensions: Three sets of 8-10 with 40 pounds

Bench dips: Three sets of 12 with a 25-pound plate in my lap.

Barbell curls: Three sets of 8-9 with 40 pounds (Sometimes I skip this, promising myself I'll curl my kettlebell while watching TV at night.)

Reverse barbell curls: Three sets of 8-9 with 30 pounds (I don't do these very often. But I should, since I dream of super-veiny, well-muscled forearms.)

Arnold Presses: Three sets of 10 with 15-pound dumbbells.

Mat Work
Ab stuff: Five minutes or so of various crunches, and plank positions.

Kettlebell: Various exercises. Lately I've been doing 12 snatches on either side and a minute of swings. I also am fancying the Turkish Get-Up with a plank position in the middle of it.

45 minutes of elliptical.

Now, even with my completely free schedule, time doesn't always permit to do all of the above. Sometimes I only have a half-hour for the cardio at the end. Sometimes I skip the mat work or leave out some of the weight exercises.

If you have experience in the gym (and even if you don't) please feel free offer suggestions. Am I using enough weight? Am I neglecting anything important? Hey, I can't afford a personal trainer over here, so you guys will have to do the job.


Horny Time Traveler said...

To one such as myself, still clinging to his bookish ways, this sounds so rigorous. Though I think my eyes burned a few calories just reading that list! But you're on course, and if I may be so bold, I hereby dub you The Woman Who Runs with the Kettlebells!

coriander said...

Good Lord! Next you're going to be telling me that you crabwalk to school and back every day with your kettlebell strapped to your back. I am green with envy over here at your prowess.