Monday, March 9, 2009

Strength Through Pie

When you're feeling a tiny bit blue because it won't stop snowing in Portland, or your body fat percentage is way higher than you thought, or for various other reasons, the best thing to do is redouble your fitness efforts.

A series of of 80 kettlebell swings (40 two-handed, 20 each side of one-handed), 20 kettlebell snatches (10 per side), and 20 kettlebell windmills (10 per side) should set you on the road to happiness. But if this doesn't do the trick, look into pie.

The fruit and vegetable store was selling just-slightly-past-their-prime organic apples at the ridiculous price of three pounds for a dollar. I just couldn't pass up a deal like that. They weren't exactly the "right" variety of apples for pie, but sandwiched between a homemade crust and a crumb topping, they did just fine.

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MamaShift said...

We've been enjoying the Lithuanian apples, which actually taste of apple. I just bought a big bag and am debating between applesauce and tarte tatin.

Enjoy your pie!

PS I didn't work out all last week and today it was hard...and painful. But I actually lost a kilo for the very first time since I started.