Thursday, March 12, 2009

Liftin' and Cryin'

I've talked a fair amount about hormones and perimenopause here. You'd think all the testosterone that courses through my body in the wake of heavy weightlifting would have an ameliorating effect on my ever-more-crippling PMS ('cause, you know, you never see guys with PMS), but alas, the testosterone seems to do nothing more than promote even more hormone-related blemishes. I'm 45 for goodness sakes. You'd think I'd have aged out of some of this crap.

But no. PMS is the demon that hag-rides me for three days each month.

PMS is what makes me wake up in the middle of night and lie there for an hour replaying conversations in my head to analyze just where I said something stupid that may or may not have affected my relationship with people.

PMS is what makes me snap unkindly at the people who mean the most to me.

Today, PMS went above and beyond. Today, as I was pressing 210 pounds on the leg press machine, PMS made me shudder and cry between every set. Luckily, the machine has a big plate where you put your feet, so you're kind of hidden when you're using it. I also almost cried at the very end of my workout, doing Arnold presses, and I also cried a little bit biking up the big hill on my way home from my advising session at PSU. Apparently, my emotions are in need of a big release and are taking the opportunity to let some steam off when my body exhausts itself. Thanks, PMS!


MamaShift said...

OMG, you don't do that! The replaying of conversations! Really? I'm so glad to know someone else does it. Really.

MamaShift said...

I'm sorry you're blue. Cryin's good, though. I like your new header!

Miriam said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts, MamaShift. I don't think I'm sad, per se, just maybe processing the life changes -- going back to school, changing careers (I always defined myself as a journalist. If I'm not that, who am I?). It's healthy, if a bit annoying to get tears on the gym equipment.

herself said...

Hey Miriam, thanks for the moral support over at my blog. I haven't commented here yet in part because there are SO MANY THINGS to think about that I get overwhelmed and then have to go make someone lunch/dinner/snack. I love your blog!

I just had one of those weeks wherein I am waiting, waiting, waiting for the hormones to GET ON WITH IT, and I feel like my ability to write a grocery list or open a door properly is being held hostage. So, sympathies. I like to have some feverfew tea at those moments. (It grows all over Corinna's lawn- I'm sure she'd hook you up.)

Hope the cryin's past... at least that variety...

Mark Saltveit said...

Hey, I replay conversations too, so maybe boys do have PMS. Actually, I preplay them in advance. I'm worried that when I get senile I'll forget if I actually had the arguments or just anticipated them.