Friday, March 20, 2009

Everything I Said I'd Never Be, I Am

I love that about my life right now. I'd always scoffed that I'd never run unless someone was chasing me. But apparently now I am a jogger, as I ran four miles out in the real world yesterday and three-point-five miles today in the gym.

I was pointing out the dangers of saying you'll "never" do something to my daughter on the way to school. "I'm a runner now! I'm back in school, even though I always said I could get along without a college degree."

"But ya can't, mom. Ya can't," she replied in her best Bette Davis imitation. Who the hell is letting my 9-year-old watch Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Anyway, in another stunning development, I went to the gym today, and I did not pick up a single weight. Honestly, I was just too tired. I took Group Power weightlifting classes on Monday and Tuesday, rode my bike to PSU to take a final on Wednesday, ran four miles and took a righteous kettlebell class on Thursday. And ran this morning. When I got off the treadmill, I went and looked at the weights, assessed the fact that my quads, hamstrings, hip, and shoulders are all screaming "enough!" and decided that I'd just go home and eat breakfast.


MamaShift said...

This made me grin.

And congratulations on the class!

Briar said...

I love the idea of things you thought you'd never do and find yourself doing and loving the hell out of. Gorgeous!

coriander said...

Ok, you've officially moved into freak territory. Have you checked to make sure you're not bionic?

Miriam said...

Freak territory suits me fine! Sadly, I am not bionic, although given my vision, I wish I had a bionic eye or two. Also, maybe a bionic hip.