Sunday, February 22, 2009

No Wonder I Hate Running!

Exercise scientists in the U.K. studied the effect different sports have on appetite and found that while weightlifters crave pasta and potatoes after a workout, and swimmers crave fatty foods (and, apparently, bong hits), runners' appetites are suppressed by their sport. Instead of a post-run piece of cheesecake, their bodies crave fruit and other low-calorie-density foods. The article notes that you crave what you crave because your body is attempting to optimize itself for whatever sport you engage in, so runners need to be light to be fast, while swimmers need to put on a layer of fat to stay warm in the water.

Now, I haven't found myself fantasizing about a big plate of mashed potato-covered pasta after lifting weights (I just crave the same thing I crave the other 23.5 hours of the day--a burrito as big as my head), but it would be sad to me to come off of a two-hour run and want nothing more than an apple.


Anonymous said...

I totally noticed this phenomenon when I jogged regularly! I'd get back and just want a really light breakfast like cottage cheese and tea. Maybe I should start running again...even though I think it's bad for my knees! ;)

MamaShift said...

Um, hasn't happened yet. I kinda wish it would.