Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mark Bittman Agrees--Grains at Breakfast

Hey! Mark Bittman stole my idea of eating savory grains at breakfast.

Not really. But today's New York Times food section does feature Bittman extolling the virtues of a whole-grain breakfast. He's lost weight, he says, and stays sated for longer. No word on whether it's improved his bench press capabilities. He justifies the wackiness of eating dishes like wheat berries with sesame oil and scallions or spinach-topped polenta by reminding us that breakfast the world 'round often has very savory elements: Congee, ful medames, British baked beans on toast. Not mentioned: Dal!

Bittman even has a recipe I'm eager to try for breakfast, despite my need to eat the same thing every single day. Coconut Oat Pilaf replaces the spinach in my version of steel cut oats with a wider variety of spices (cardamom, ginger) and a shower of unsweetened coconut for a very South Indian flavor. My only hesitation is that I have limited knife skills as it is; employing them to chop fresh mint and cilantro before my morning coffee could lead to some iron-depleting blood loss.

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