Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kettlebell Video

Sage was kind enough to take some footage of me doing "the Tsar of Kettlebell Exercises" -- the kettlebell snatch.

Don't know why I love doing this exercise so much. I think it's because when I do it with good form, it just feel very natural. The 26 pounds of iron feels weightless and drops right into place at the top of my arm. Unfortunately, in this particular video, I'm not in perfect form, as I had to do quite a few snatches before they were properly captured on film.

The secret to this move, and really all kettlebell moves, is that you're not propelling it up there with your arms, but with your hips.


coriander said...

You look great! I've always suspected that I look like a giant uncoordinated dork when I exercise but you've got kind of a sexpot thing going on with your sleeveless top and tight jeans. Maybe I'm wearing the wrong attire.

Miriam said...

Now I have to rip that video down. Thanks for the nice words, though.