Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Although this photo shows only a light dusting, Portland now is buried under a foot of snow. Getting to the gym during "Arctic Blast," as the TV stations have been calling it, while technically possible by bus, has not been my first priority. Instead, I've been taking two-mile walks, making sure I keep off the roads (where the snow is packed) and stay where there's still a foot or so of powder to muscle through.

I've been coming back from these jaunts bathed in sweat. (You'll be able to read more about my amazing endocrine system in another post. I'm sure you're excited.) But I was wondering if that wasn't just because of the three shirts, three pairs of socks, and long-johns I was putting on every time I ventured out.

Turns out that walking in snow does burn a significant amount of calories per hour. Next time I'll take my poles for an even more efficient workout (and to look even more geeky to my neighbors).

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